We're On The Same Team

Published: 21st March 2012
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Have you ever found yourself feeling like youre all by yourself, yet you are surrounded by others? It is possible to feel more isolated and lonely than ever when others are around, but relationships are not thriving, connecting, and synchronous. We can be in proximity with people that are close, or should be, to us, but not experiencing the joy and satisfaction of personal connection. Its easy to end up feeling as if were not on the same page as those were closest to, and that were not working toward the same goals. In these moments, its easy to forget that Were On The Same Team.

Innately, we seek to perpetuate ourselves, our agenda, our desires and our needs. We are driven to satisfy whatever is lacking within. We want to fill ourselves and have our needs met. Though we may struggle to share many of our deepest thoughts and feelings with others, when it comes to expectations, opinions, and needs, most of us have undeniable ways of getting our point across through verbal, non-verbal, direct, and indirect communication.

Communication is a gift, and its a tool that can be used to bring clarity and understanding in relation with others. Even in healthy relationships with good communication, where a couple shares openly about their wants, hopes, and dreams, the communication of our needs can break us down in a matter of seconds. Often times, in communicating our needs and expectations, we become incredibly self-centered. The passionate pursuit of me kills unity, openness, connection, and the sharing of experiences.

As we pursue ourselves, many times at the expense of others, we isolate, ostracize, and wall ourselves off from those with whom we desire relationship. In so doing, we end up focused on ourselves, and believing that were all alone.

We must remind ourselves that Were On The Same Team. Were in this together. We are partners. We share common goals, values, beliefs, joys, sorrows, and hopes. We want the same things. We may not always see eye to eye, but we chose this life together.

When I start to believe that my wife, or my friend, is my enemy, or just playing or rooting for any team other than mine, I must recognize that I am likely focused upon me, my needs, my wants, and my desires. Life in relationship with others doesnt work well when Im focused upon myself. But, it works very well when I focus upon loving, serving, and meeting the needs of others.

When I can maintain a clear vision and perspective upon my life, in relationship with others, and live in light of the truth that Were On The Same Team, I dont have to demand that my needs are met, or manipulate others so that Ill get my way. When I can see that those with whom Ive chosen relationship love and care for me and want the best for me, then I can see that their actions arent intended to make my life difficult or to cause me harm. I can see that sometimes life is just hard, or complicated, or that sometimes things just dont go my way. When I can understand that Were On The Same Team, I can more clearly see those around me and choose to partner with them in figuring out how to do life together. Its not always easy, and sometimes I forget, but it always helps when I remember that Were On The Same Team.

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